What's New

Boto 3 is a ground-up rewrite of Boto. It uses a data-driven approach to generate classes at runtime from JSON description files that are shared between SDKs in various languages. This includes descriptions for a high level, object oriented interface similar to those available in previous versions of Boto.

Because Boto 3 is generated from these shared JSON files, we get fast updates to the latest services and features and a consistent API across services. Community contributions to JSON description files in other SDKs also benefit Boto 3, just as contributions to Boto 3 benefit the other SDKs.

Major Features

Boto 3 consists of the following major features:

  • Resources: a high level, object oriented interface
  • Collections: a tool to iterate and manipulate groups of resources
  • Clients: low level service connections
  • Paginators: automatic paging of responses
  • Waiters: a way to block until a certain state has been reached

Along with these major features, Boto 3 also provides sessions and per-session credentials & configuration, as well as basic components like authentication, parameter & response handling, an event system for customizations and logic to retry failed requests.


Boto 3 is built atop of a library called Botocore, which is shared by the AWS CLI. Botocore provides the low level clients, session, and credential & configuration data. Boto 3 builds on top of Botocore by providing its own session, resources and collections.