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class CodeCatalyst.Client

A low-level client representing Amazon CodeCatalyst


Amazon CodeCatalyst is in preview release and subject to change.

Welcome to the Amazon CodeCatalyst API reference. This reference provides descriptions of operations and data types for Amazon CodeCatalyst. You can use the Amazon CodeCatalyst API to work with the following objects.

Dev Environments and the Amazon Web Services Toolkits, by calling the following:

  • CreateAccessToken, which creates a personal access token (PAT) for the current user.
  • CreateDevEnvironment, which creates a Dev Environment, where you can quickly work on the code stored in the source repositories of your project.
  • CreateProject which creates a project in a specified space.
  • CreateSourceRepositoryBranch, which creates a branch in a specified repository where you can work on code.
  • DeleteDevEnvironment, which deletes a Dev Environment.
  • GetDevEnvironment, which returns information about a Dev Environment.
  • GetProject, which returns information about a project.
  • GetSourceRepositoryCloneUrls, which returns information about the URLs that can be used with a Git client to clone a source repository.
  • GetSubscription, which returns information about the Amazon Web Services account used for billing purposes and the billing plan for the space.
  • GetUserDetails, which returns information about a user in Amazon CodeCatalyst.
  • ListDevEnvironments, which retrives a list of Dev Environments in a project.
  • ListProjects, which retrieves a list of projects in a space.
  • ListSourceRepositories, which retrieves a list of source repositories in a project.
  • ListSourceRepositoryBranches, which retrieves a list of branches in a source repository.
  • ListSpaces, which retrieves a list of spaces.
  • StartDevEnvironment, which starts a specified Dev Environment and puts it into an active state.
  • StartDevEnvironmentSession, which starts a session to a specified Dev Environment.
  • StopDevEnvironment, which stops a specified Dev Environment and puts it into an stopped state.
  • StopDevEnvironmentSession, which stops a session for a specified Dev Environment.
  • UpdateDevEnvironment, which changes one or more values for a Dev Environment.
  • VerifySession, which verifies whether the calling user has a valid Amazon CodeCatalyst login and session.

Security, activity, and resource management in Amazon CodeCatalyst, by calling the following:

  • DeleteAccessToken, which deletes a specified personal access token (PAT).
  • ListAccessTokens, which lists all personal access tokens (PATs) associated with a user.
  • ListEventLogs, which retrieves a list of events that occurred during a specified time period in a space.
import boto3

client = boto3.client('codecatalyst')

These are the available methods:


Paginators are available on a client instance via the get_paginator method. For more detailed instructions and examples on the usage of paginators, see the paginators user guide.

The available paginators are: