Returns a list of tags for the resource identified by a specified Amazon Resource Name (ARN). Tags are used to organize and categorize your CodeDeploy resources.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.list_tags_for_resource(
  • ResourceArn (string) --


    The ARN of a CodeDeploy resource. ListTagsForResource returns all the tags associated with the resource that is identified by the ResourceArn .

  • NextToken (string) -- An identifier returned from the previous ListTagsForResource call. It can be used to return the next set of applications in the list.
Return type



Response Syntax

    'Tags': [
            'Key': 'string',
            'Value': 'string'
    'NextToken': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • Tags (list) --

      A list of tags returned by ListTagsForResource . The tags are associated with the resource identified by the input ResourceArn parameter.

      • (dict) --

        Information about a tag.

        • Key (string) --

          The tag's key.

        • Value (string) --

          The tag's value.

    • NextToken (string) --

      If a large amount of information is returned, an identifier is also returned. It can be used in a subsequent list application revisions call to return the next set of application revisions in the list.


  • CodeDeploy.Client.exceptions.ArnNotSupportedException
  • CodeDeploy.Client.exceptions.InvalidArnException
  • CodeDeploy.Client.exceptions.ResourceArnRequiredException