Cancels an instance refresh that is in progress and rolls back any changes that it made. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling replaces any instances that were replaced during the instance refresh. This restores your Auto Scaling group to the configuration that it was using before the start of the instance refresh.

This operation is part of the instance refresh feature in Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, which helps you update instances in your Auto Scaling group after you make configuration changes.

A rollback is not supported in the following situations:

  • There is no desired configuration specified for the instance refresh.
  • The Auto Scaling group has a launch template that uses an Amazon Web Services Systems Manager parameter instead of an AMI ID for the ImageId property.
  • The Auto Scaling group uses the launch template's $Latest or $Default version.

When you receive a successful response from this operation, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling immediately begins replacing instances. You can check the status of this operation through the DescribeInstanceRefreshes API operation.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.rollback_instance_refresh(
AutoScalingGroupName (string) -- The name of the Auto Scaling group.
Return type
Response Syntax
    'InstanceRefreshId': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --
    • InstanceRefreshId (string) --

      The instance refresh ID associated with the request. This is the unique ID assigned to the instance refresh when it was started.


  • AutoScaling.Client.exceptions.LimitExceededFault
  • AutoScaling.Client.exceptions.ResourceContentionFault
  • AutoScaling.Client.exceptions.ActiveInstanceRefreshNotFoundFault
  • AutoScaling.Client.exceptions.IrreversibleInstanceRefreshFault