Cancels a query if the query is not in a terminated state, such as CANCELLED , FAILED , TIMED_OUT , or FINISHED . You must specify an ARN value for EventDataStore . The ID of the query that you want to cancel is also required. When you run CancelQuery , the query status might show as CANCELLED even if the operation is not yet finished.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.cancel_query(
  • EventDataStore (string) -- The ARN (or the ID suffix of the ARN) of an event data store on which the specified query is running.
  • QueryId (string) --


    The ID of the query that you want to cancel. The QueryId comes from the response of a StartQuery operation.

Return type



Response Syntax

    'QueryId': 'string',

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • QueryId (string) --

      The ID of the canceled query.

    • QueryStatus (string) --

      Shows the status of a query after a CancelQuery request. Typically, the values shown are either RUNNING or CANCELLED .


  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.EventDataStoreARNInvalidException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.EventDataStoreNotFoundException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.InactiveEventDataStoreException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.InactiveQueryException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.InvalidParameterException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.QueryIdNotFoundException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.OperationNotPermittedException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.UnsupportedOperationException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.NoManagementAccountSLRExistsException
  • CloudTrail.Client.exceptions.ConflictException