Stops a sentiment detection job in progress.

If the job state is IN_PROGRESS , the job is marked for termination and put into the STOP_REQUESTED state. If the job completes before it can be stopped, it is put into the COMPLETED state; otherwise the job is be stopped and put into the STOPPED state.

If the job is in the COMPLETED or FAILED state when you call the StopDominantLanguageDetectionJob operation, the operation returns a 400 Internal Request Exception.

When a job is stopped, any documents already processed are written to the output location.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.stop_sentiment_detection_job(
JobId (string) --


The identifier of the sentiment detection job to stop.

Return type
Response Syntax
    'JobId': 'string',

Response Structure

  • (dict) --
    • JobId (string) --

      The identifier of the sentiment detection job to stop.

    • JobStatus (string) --

      Either STOP_REQUESTED if the job is currently running, or STOPPED if the job was previously stopped with the StopSentimentDetectionJob operation.


  • Comprehend.Client.exceptions.InvalidRequestException
  • Comprehend.Client.exceptions.JobNotFoundException
  • Comprehend.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException