Gets the object definitions for a set of objects associated with the pipeline. Object definitions are composed of a set of fields that define the properties of the object.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_objects(
  • pipelineId (string) --


    The ID of the pipeline that contains the object definitions.

  • objectIds (list) --


    The IDs of the pipeline objects that contain the definitions to be described. You can pass as many as 25 identifiers in a single call to DescribeObjects .

    • (string) --
  • evaluateExpressions (boolean) -- Indicates whether any expressions in the object should be evaluated when the object descriptions are returned.
  • marker (string) -- The starting point for the results to be returned. For the first call, this value should be empty. As long as there are more results, continue to call DescribeObjects with the marker value from the previous call to retrieve the next set of results.
Return type



Response Syntax

    'pipelineObjects': [
            'id': 'string',
            'name': 'string',
            'fields': [
                    'key': 'string',
                    'stringValue': 'string',
                    'refValue': 'string'
    'marker': 'string',
    'hasMoreResults': True|False

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    Contains the output of DescribeObjects.

    • pipelineObjects (list) --

      An array of object definitions.

      • (dict) --

        Contains information about a pipeline object. This can be a logical, physical, or physical attempt pipeline object. The complete set of components of a pipeline defines the pipeline.

        • id (string) --

          The ID of the object.

        • name (string) --

          The name of the object.

        • fields (list) --

          Key-value pairs that define the properties of the object.

          • (dict) --

            A key-value pair that describes a property of a pipeline object. The value is specified as either a string value ( StringValue ) or a reference to another object ( RefValue ) but not as both.

            • key (string) --

              The field identifier.

            • stringValue (string) --

              The field value, expressed as a String.

            • refValue (string) --

              The field value, expressed as the identifier of another object.

    • marker (string) --

      The starting point for the next page of results. To view the next page of results, call DescribeObjects again with this marker value. If the value is null, there are no more results.

    • hasMoreResults (boolean) --

      Indicates whether there are more results to return.


  • DataPipeline.Client.exceptions.InternalServiceError
  • DataPipeline.Client.exceptions.InvalidRequestException
  • DataPipeline.Client.exceptions.PipelineNotFoundException
  • DataPipeline.Client.exceptions.PipelineDeletedException