A temporary Amazon S3 location, where you can copy your files from a source location to stage or use as a scratch space in FinSpace notebook.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.get_working_location(
locationType (string) --

Specify the type of the working location.

  • SAGEMAKER – Use the Amazon S3 location as a temporary location to store data content when working with FinSpace Notebooks that run on SageMaker studio.
  • INGESTION – Use the Amazon S3 location as a staging location to copy your data content and then use the location with the Changeset creation operation.
Return type
Response Syntax
    's3Uri': 'string',
    's3Path': 'string',
    's3Bucket': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --
    • s3Uri (string) --

      Returns the Amazon S3 URI for the working location.

    • s3Path (string) --

      Returns the Amazon S3 Path for the working location.

    • s3Bucket (string) --

      Returns the Amazon S3 bucket name for the working location.


  • FinSpaceData.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException
  • FinSpaceData.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException
  • FinSpaceData.Client.exceptions.ThrottlingException
  • FinSpaceData.Client.exceptions.ValidationException