Retrieves GuardDuty member accounts (of the current GuardDuty administrator account) specified by the account IDs.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.get_members(
  • DetectorId (string) --


    The unique ID of the detector of the GuardDuty account whose members you want to retrieve.

  • AccountIds (list) --


    A list of account IDs of the GuardDuty member accounts that you want to describe.

    • (string) --
Return type



Response Syntax

    'Members': [
            'AccountId': 'string',
            'DetectorId': 'string',
            'MasterId': 'string',
            'Email': 'string',
            'RelationshipStatus': 'string',
            'InvitedAt': 'string',
            'UpdatedAt': 'string',
            'AdministratorId': 'string'
    'UnprocessedAccounts': [
            'AccountId': 'string',
            'Result': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • Members (list) --

      A list of members.

      • (dict) --

        Contains information about the member account.

        • AccountId (string) --

          The ID of the member account.

        • DetectorId (string) --

          The detector ID of the member account.

        • MasterId (string) --

          The administrator account ID.

        • Email (string) --

          The email address of the member account.

        • RelationshipStatus (string) --

          The status of the relationship between the member and the administrator.

        • InvitedAt (string) --

          The timestamp when the invitation was sent.

        • UpdatedAt (string) --

          The last-updated timestamp of the member.

        • AdministratorId (string) --

          The administrator account ID.

    • UnprocessedAccounts (list) --

      A list of objects that contain the unprocessed account and a result string that explains why it was unprocessed.

      • (dict) --

        Contains information about the accounts that weren't processed.

        • AccountId (string) --

          The Amazon Web Services account ID.

        • Result (string) --

          A reason why the account hasn't been processed.


  • GuardDuty.Client.exceptions.BadRequestException
  • GuardDuty.Client.exceptions.InternalServerErrorException