Deletes a subnet group. You cannot delete a default subnet group or one that is associated with any clusters.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.delete_subnet_group(
SubnetGroupName (string) --


The name of the subnet group to delete

Return type
Response Syntax
    'SubnetGroup': {
        'Name': 'string',
        'Description': 'string',
        'VpcId': 'string',
        'Subnets': [
                'Identifier': 'string',
                'AvailabilityZone': {
                    'Name': 'string'
        'ARN': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --
    • SubnetGroup (dict) --

      The subnet group object that has been deleted.

      • Name (string) --

        The name of the subnet group

      • Description (string) --

        A description of the subnet group

      • VpcId (string) --

        The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud identifier (VPC ID) of the subnet group.

      • Subnets (list) --

        A list of subnets associated with the subnet group.

        • (dict) --

          Represents the subnet associated with a cluster. This parameter refers to subnets defined in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and used with MemoryDB.

          • Identifier (string) --

            The unique identifier for the subnet.

          • AvailabilityZone (dict) --

            The Availability Zone where the subnet resides

            • Name (string) --

              The name of the Availability Zone.

      • ARN (string) --

        The ARN (Amazon Resource Name) of the subnet group.


  • MemoryDB.Client.exceptions.SubnetGroupInUseFault
  • MemoryDB.Client.exceptions.SubnetGroupNotFoundFault
  • MemoryDB.Client.exceptions.ServiceLinkedRoleNotFoundFault