Delete a studio resource.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.delete_studio(
  • clientToken (string) --

    Unique, case-sensitive identifier that you provide to ensure the idempotency of the request. If you don’t specify a client token, the Amazon Web Services SDK automatically generates a client token and uses it for the request to ensure idempotency.

    This field is autopopulated if not provided.

  • studioId (string) --


    The studio ID.

Return type



Response Syntax

    'studio': {
        'adminRoleArn': 'string',
        'arn': 'string',
        'createdAt': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'displayName': 'string',
        'homeRegion': 'string',
        'ssoClientId': 'string',
        'statusMessage': 'string',
        'studioEncryptionConfiguration': {
            'keyArn': 'string',
            'keyType': 'AWS_OWNED_KEY'|'CUSTOMER_MANAGED_KEY'
        'studioId': 'string',
        'studioName': 'string',
        'studioUrl': 'string',
        'tags': {
            'string': 'string'
        'updatedAt': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'userRoleArn': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • studio (dict) --

      Information about a studio.

      • adminRoleArn (string) --

        The IAM role that studio admins assume when logging in to the Nimble Studio portal.

      • arn (string) --

        The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) that is assigned to a studio resource and uniquely identifies it. ARNs are unique across all Regions.

      • createdAt (datetime) --

        The ISO timestamp in seconds for when the resource was created.

      • displayName (string) --

        A friendly name for the studio.

      • homeRegion (string) --

        The Amazon Web Services Region where the studio resource is located.

      • ssoClientId (string) --

        The IAM Identity Center application client ID used to integrate with IAM Identity Center. This ID allows IAM Identity Center users to log in to Nimble Studio portal.

      • state (string) --

        The current state of the studio resource.

      • statusCode (string) --

        Status codes that provide additional detail on the studio state.

      • statusMessage (string) --

        Additional detail on the studio state.

      • studioEncryptionConfiguration (dict) --

        Configuration of the encryption method that is used for the studio.

        • keyArn (string) --

          The ARN for a KMS key that is used to encrypt studio data.

        • keyType (string) --

          The type of KMS key that is used to encrypt studio data.

      • studioId (string) --

        The unique identifier for a studio resource. In Nimble Studio, all other resources are contained in a studio resource.

      • studioName (string) --

        The name of the studio, as included in the URL when accessing it in the Nimble Studio portal.

      • studioUrl (string) --

        The address of the web page for the studio.

      • tags (dict) --

        A collection of labels, in the form of key-value pairs, that apply to this resource.

        • (string) --
          • (string) --
      • updatedAt (datetime) --

        The ISO timestamp in seconds for when the resource was updated.

      • userRoleArn (string) --

        The IAM role that studio users assume when logging in to the Nimble Studio portal.


  • NimbleStudio.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException
  • NimbleStudio.Client.exceptions.ConflictException
  • NimbleStudio.Client.exceptions.ThrottlingException
  • NimbleStudio.Client.exceptions.ValidationException
  • NimbleStudio.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException
  • NimbleStudio.Client.exceptions.InternalServerErrorException
  • NimbleStudio.Client.exceptions.ServiceQuotaExceededException