Describes the available Amazon OpenSearch Service Reserved Instance offerings for a given Region. For more information, see Reserved Instances in Amazon OpenSearch Service.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_reserved_instance_offerings(
  • ReservedInstanceOfferingId (string) -- The Reserved Instance identifier filter value. Use this parameter to show only the available instance types that match the specified reservation identifier.
  • MaxResults (integer) -- An optional parameter that specifies the maximum number of results to return. You can use nextToken to get the next page of results.
  • NextToken (string) -- If your initial DescribeReservedInstanceOfferings operation returns a nextToken , you can include the returned nextToken in subsequent DescribeReservedInstanceOfferings operations, which returns results in the next page.
Return type



Response Syntax

    'NextToken': 'string',
    'ReservedInstanceOfferings': [
            'ReservedInstanceOfferingId': 'string',
            'InstanceType': ''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|''|'',
            'Duration': 123,
            'FixedPrice': 123.0,
            'UsagePrice': 123.0,
            'CurrencyCode': 'string',
            'PaymentOption': 'ALL_UPFRONT'|'PARTIAL_UPFRONT'|'NO_UPFRONT',
            'RecurringCharges': [
                    'RecurringChargeAmount': 123.0,
                    'RecurringChargeFrequency': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    Container for results of a DescribeReservedInstanceOfferings request.

    • NextToken (string) --

      When nextToken is returned, there are more results available. The value of nextToken is a unique pagination token for each page. Make the call again using the returned token to retrieve the next page.

    • ReservedInstanceOfferings (list) --

      List of Reserved Instance offerings.

      • (dict) --

        Details of an OpenSearch Reserved Instance offering.

        • ReservedInstanceOfferingId (string) --

          The unique identifier of the Reserved Instance offering.

        • InstanceType (string) --

          The OpenSearch instance type offered by the Reserved Instance offering.

        • Duration (integer) --

          The duration, in seconds, for which the offering will reserve the OpenSearch instance.

        • FixedPrice (float) --

          The upfront fixed charge you will pay to purchase the specific Reserved Instance offering.

        • UsagePrice (float) --

          The hourly rate at which you're charged for the domain using this Reserved Instance.

        • CurrencyCode (string) --

          The currency code for the Reserved Instance offering.

        • PaymentOption (string) --

          Payment option for the Reserved Instance offering

        • RecurringCharges (list) --

          The recurring charge to your account, regardless of whether you creates any domains using the offering.

          • (dict) --

            Contains the specific price and frequency of a recurring charges for an OpenSearch Reserved Instance, or for a Reserved Instance offering.

            • RecurringChargeAmount (float) --

              The monetary amount of the recurring charge.

            • RecurringChargeFrequency (string) --

              The frequency of the recurring charge.


  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.ValidationException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.DisabledOperationException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.InternalException