Allows you to either upgrade your Amazon OpenSearch Service domain or perform an upgrade eligibility check to a compatible version of OpenSearch or Elasticsearch.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.upgrade_domain(
        'string': 'string'
  • DomainName (string) --


    Name of the OpenSearch Service domain that you want to upgrade.

  • TargetVersion (string) --


    OpenSearch or Elasticsearch version to which you want to upgrade, in the format Opensearch_X.Y or Elasticsearch_X.Y.

  • PerformCheckOnly (boolean) -- When true, indicates that an upgrade eligibility check needs to be performed. Does not actually perform the upgrade.
  • AdvancedOptions (dict) --

    Only supports the override_main_response_version parameter and not other advanced options. You can only include this option when upgrading to an OpenSearch version. Specifies whether the domain reports its version as 7.10 so that it continues to work with Elasticsearch OSS clients and plugins.

    • (string) --
      • (string) --
Return type



Response Syntax

    'UpgradeId': 'string',
    'DomainName': 'string',
    'TargetVersion': 'string',
    'PerformCheckOnly': True|False,
    'AdvancedOptions': {
        'string': 'string'
    'ChangeProgressDetails': {
        'ChangeId': 'string',
        'Message': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    Container for the response returned by UpgradeDomain operation.

    • UpgradeId (string) --

      The unique identifier of the domain upgrade.

    • DomainName (string) --

      The name of the domain that was upgraded.

    • TargetVersion (string) --

      OpenSearch or Elasticsearch version that the domain was upgraded to.

    • PerformCheckOnly (boolean) --

      When true, indicates that an upgrade eligibility check was performed.

    • AdvancedOptions (dict) --

      The advanced options configuration for the domain.

      • (string) --
        • (string) --
    • ChangeProgressDetails (dict) --

      Container for information about a configuration change happening on a domain.

      • ChangeId (string) --

        The ID of the configuration change.

      • Message (string) --

        A message corresponding to the status of the configuration change.


  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.BaseException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.ResourceAlreadyExistsException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.DisabledOperationException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.ValidationException
  • OpenSearchService.Client.exceptions.InternalException