Returns information about an OpenSearch Serverless security configuration. For more information, see SAML authentication for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.get_security_config(
id (string) --


The unique identifier of the security configuration.

Return type
Response Syntax
    'securityConfigDetail': {
        'configVersion': 'string',
        'createdDate': 123,
        'description': 'string',
        'id': 'string',
        'lastModifiedDate': 123,
        'samlOptions': {
            'groupAttribute': 'string',
            'metadata': 'string',
            'sessionTimeout': 123,
            'userAttribute': 'string'
        'type': 'saml'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --
    • securityConfigDetail (dict) --

      Details of the requested security configuration.

      • configVersion (string) --

        The version of the security configuration.

      • createdDate (integer) --

        The date the configuration was created.

      • description (string) --

        The description of the security configuration.

      • id (string) --

        The unique identifier of the security configuration.

      • lastModifiedDate (integer) --

        The timestamp of when the configuration was last modified.

      • samlOptions (dict) --

        SAML options for the security configuration in the form of a key-value map.

        • groupAttribute (string) --

          The group attribute for this SAML integration.

        • metadata (string) --

          The XML IdP metadata file generated from your identity provider.

        • sessionTimeout (integer) --

          The session timeout, in minutes. Minimum is 15 minutes and maximum is 1440 minutes (24 hours or 1 day). Default is 60 minutes.

        • userAttribute (string) --

          A user attribute for this SAML integration.

      • type (string) --

        The type of security configuration.


  • OpenSearchServiceServerless.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException
  • OpenSearchServiceServerless.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException
  • OpenSearchServiceServerless.Client.exceptions.ValidationException