Describes the current Amazon Pinpoint SMS Voice V2 resource quotas for your account. The description for a quota includes the quota name, current usage toward that quota, and the quota's maximum value.

When you establish an Amazon Web Services account, the account has initial quotas on the maximum number of configuration sets, opt-out lists, phone numbers, and pools that you can create in a given Region. For more information see Amazon Pinpoint quotas in the Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide .

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_account_limits(
  • NextToken (string) -- The token to be used for the next set of paginated results. You don't need to supply a value for this field in the initial request.
  • MaxResults (integer) -- The maximum number of results to return per each request.
Return type



Response Syntax

    'AccountLimits': [
            'Used': 123,
            'Max': 123
    'NextToken': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • AccountLimits (list) --

      An array of AccountLimit objects that show the current spend limits.

      • (dict) --

        The current resource quotas associated with an Amazon Web Services account.

        • Name (string) --

          The name of the attribute to apply the account limit to.

        • Used (integer) --

          The current amount that has been spent, in US dollars.

        • Max (integer) --

          The Amazon Web Services set limit for that resource type, in US dollars.

    • NextToken (string) --

      The token to be used for the next set of paginated results. If this field is empty then there are no more results.


  • PinpointSMSVoiceV2.Client.exceptions.ThrottlingException
  • PinpointSMSVoiceV2.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException
  • PinpointSMSVoiceV2.Client.exceptions.ValidationException
  • PinpointSMSVoiceV2.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException