Sets one or more parameters of the specified parameter group to their default values and sets the source values of the parameters to "engine-default". To reset the entire parameter group specify the ResetAllParameters parameter. For parameter changes to take effect you must reboot any associated clusters.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.reset_cluster_parameter_group(
            'ParameterName': 'string',
            'ParameterValue': 'string',
            'Description': 'string',
            'Source': 'string',
            'DataType': 'string',
            'AllowedValues': 'string',
            'ApplyType': 'static'|'dynamic',
            'IsModifiable': True|False,
            'MinimumEngineVersion': 'string'
  • ParameterGroupName (string) --


    The name of the cluster parameter group to be reset.

  • ResetAllParameters (boolean) --

    If true , all parameters in the specified parameter group will be reset to their default values.

    Default: true

  • Parameters (list) --

    An array of names of parameters to be reset. If ResetAllParameters option is not used, then at least one parameter name must be supplied.

    Constraints: A maximum of 20 parameters can be reset in a single request.

    • (dict) --

      Describes a parameter in a cluster parameter group.

      • ParameterName (string) --

        The name of the parameter.

      • ParameterValue (string) --

        The value of the parameter. If ParameterName is wlm_json_configuration , then the maximum size of ParameterValue is 8000 characters.

      • Description (string) --

        A description of the parameter.

      • Source (string) --

        The source of the parameter value, such as "engine-default" or "user".

      • DataType (string) --

        The data type of the parameter.

      • AllowedValues (string) --

        The valid range of values for the parameter.

      • ApplyType (string) --

        Specifies how to apply the WLM configuration parameter. Some properties can be applied dynamically, while other properties require that any associated clusters be rebooted for the configuration changes to be applied. For more information about parameters and parameter groups, go to Amazon Redshift Parameter Groups in the Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide .

      • IsModifiable (boolean) --

        If true , the parameter can be modified. Some parameters have security or operational implications that prevent them from being changed.

      • MinimumEngineVersion (string) --

        The earliest engine version to which the parameter can apply.

Return type



Response Syntax

    'ParameterGroupName': 'string',
    'ParameterGroupStatus': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • ParameterGroupName (string) --

      The name of the cluster parameter group.

    • ParameterGroupStatus (string) --

      The status of the parameter group. For example, if you made a change to a parameter group name-value pair, then the change could be pending a reboot of an associated cluster.


  • Redshift.Client.exceptions.InvalidClusterParameterGroupStateFault
  • Redshift.Client.exceptions.ClusterParameterGroupNotFoundFault