This implementation of the GET action uses the acl subresource to return the access control list (ACL) of a bucket. To use GET to return the ACL of the bucket, you must have READ_ACP access to the bucket. If READ_ACP permission is granted to the anonymous user, you can return the ACL of the bucket without using an authorization header.


If your bucket uses the bucket owner enforced setting for S3 Object Ownership, requests to read ACLs are still supported and return the bucket-owner-full-control ACL with the owner being the account that created the bucket. For more information, see Controlling object ownership and disabling ACLs in the Amazon S3 User Guide .

Related Resources

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Request Syntax

response = client.get_bucket_acl(
  • Bucket (string) --


    Specifies the S3 bucket whose ACL is being requested.

  • ExpectedBucketOwner (string) -- The account ID of the expected bucket owner. If the bucket is owned by a different account, the request fails with the HTTP status code 403 Forbidden (access denied).
Return type



Response Syntax

    'Owner': {
        'DisplayName': 'string',
        'ID': 'string'
    'Grants': [
            'Grantee': {
                'DisplayName': 'string',
                'EmailAddress': 'string',
                'ID': 'string',
                'Type': 'CanonicalUser'|'AmazonCustomerByEmail'|'Group',
                'URI': 'string'
            'Permission': 'FULL_CONTROL'|'WRITE'|'WRITE_ACP'|'READ'|'READ_ACP'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • Owner (dict) --

      Container for the bucket owner's display name and ID.

      • DisplayName (string) --

        Container for the display name of the owner.

      • ID (string) --

        Container for the ID of the owner.

    • Grants (list) --

      A list of grants.

      • (dict) --

        Container for grant information.

        • Grantee (dict) --

          The person being granted permissions.

          • DisplayName (string) --

            Screen name of the grantee.

          • EmailAddress (string) --

            Email address of the grantee.


            Using email addresses to specify a grantee is only supported in the following Amazon Web Services Regions:

            • US East (N. Virginia)
            • US West (N. California)
            • US West (Oregon)
            • Asia Pacific (Singapore)
            • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
            • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
            • Europe (Ireland)
            • South America (São Paulo)

            For a list of all the Amazon S3 supported Regions and endpoints, see Regions and Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

          • ID (string) --

            The canonical user ID of the grantee.

          • Type (string) --

            Type of grantee

          • URI (string) --

            URI of the grantee group.

        • Permission (string) --

          Specifies the permission given to the grantee.