class ManagedBlockchainQuery.Client#

A low-level client representing Amazon Managed Blockchain Query

Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Query provides you with convenient access to multi-blockchain network data, which makes it easier for you to extract contextual data related to blockchain activity. You can use AMB Query to read data from public blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin Mainnet and Ethereum Mainnet. You can also get information such as the current and historical balances of addresses, or you can get a list of blockchain transactions for a given time period. Additionally, you can get details of a given transaction, such as transaction events, which you can further analyze or use in business logic for your applications.

import boto3

client = boto3.client('managedblockchain-query')

These are the available methods:


Paginators are available on a client instance via the get_paginator method. For more detailed instructions and examples on the usage of paginators, see the paginators user guide.

The available paginators are: