BedrockRuntime / Client / invoke_model_with_response_stream



Invoke the specified Bedrock model to run inference using the input provided. Return the response in a stream.

For more information, see Run inference in the Bedrock User Guide.

For an example request and response, see Examples (after the Errors section).

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.invoke_model_with_response_stream(
  • body (bytes or seekable file-like object) –


    Inference input in the format specified by the content-type. To see the format and content of this field for different models, refer to Inference parameters.

  • contentType (string) – The MIME type of the input data in the request. The default value is application/json.

  • accept (string) – The desired MIME type of the inference body in the response. The default value is application/json.

  • modelId (string) –


    Id of the model to invoke using the streaming request.

Return type:



The response of this operation contains an EventStream member. When iterated the EventStream will yield events based on the structure below, where only one of the top level keys will be present for any given event.

Response Syntax

    'body': EventStream({
        'chunk': {
            'bytes': b'bytes'
        'internalServerException': {
            'message': 'string'
        'modelStreamErrorException': {
            'message': 'string',
            'originalStatusCode': 123,
            'originalMessage': 'string'
        'validationException': {
            'message': 'string'
        'throttlingException': {
            'message': 'string'
        'modelTimeoutException': {
            'message': 'string'
    'contentType': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • body (EventStream) –

      Inference response from the model in the format specified by Content-Type. To see the format and content of this field for different models, refer to Inference parameters.

      • chunk (dict) –

        Content included in the response.

        • bytes (bytes) –

          Base64-encoded bytes of payload data.

      • internalServerException (dict) –

        An internal server error occurred. Retry your request.

        • message (string) –

      • modelStreamErrorException (dict) –

        An error occurred while streaming the response.

        • message (string) –

        • originalStatusCode (integer) –

          The original status code.

        • originalMessage (string) –

          The original message.

      • validationException (dict) –

        Input validation failed. Check your request parameters and retry the request.

        • message (string) –

      • throttlingException (dict) –

        The number of requests exceeds the limit. Resubmit your request later.

        • message (string) –

      • modelTimeoutException (dict) –

        The request took too long to process. Processing time exceeded the model timeout length.

        • message (string) –

    • contentType (string) –

      The MIME type of the inference result.


  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ThrottlingException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ModelTimeoutException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ModelStreamErrorException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ValidationException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ModelNotReadyException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ServiceQuotaExceededException

  • BedrockRuntime.Client.exceptions.ModelErrorException