Chime / Client / get_voice_connector_proxy



Gets the proxy configuration details for the specified Amazon Chime Voice Connector.


This API is is no longer supported and will not be updated. We recommend using the latest version, GetVoiceConnectorProxy, in the Amazon Chime SDK.

Using the latest version requires migrating to a dedicated namespace. For more information, refer to Migrating from the Amazon Chime namespace in the Amazon Chime SDK Developer Guide.


This operation is deprecated and may not function as expected. This operation should not be used going forward and is only kept for the purpose of backwards compatiblity.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.get_voice_connector_proxy(

VoiceConnectorId (string) –


The Amazon Chime voice connector ID.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'Proxy': {
        'DefaultSessionExpiryMinutes': 123,
        'Disabled': True|False,
        'FallBackPhoneNumber': 'string',
        'PhoneNumberCountries': [

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • Proxy (dict) –

      The proxy configuration details.

      • DefaultSessionExpiryMinutes (integer) –

        The default number of minutes allowed for proxy sessions.

      • Disabled (boolean) –

        When true, stops proxy sessions from being created on the specified Amazon Chime Voice Connector.

      • FallBackPhoneNumber (string) –

        The phone number to route calls to after a proxy session expires.

      • PhoneNumberCountries (list) –

        The countries for proxy phone numbers to be selected from.

        • (string) –


  • Chime.Client.exceptions.UnauthorizedClientException

  • Chime.Client.exceptions.NotFoundException

  • Chime.Client.exceptions.ForbiddenException

  • Chime.Client.exceptions.BadRequestException

  • Chime.Client.exceptions.ThrottledClientException

  • Chime.Client.exceptions.ServiceUnavailableException

  • Chime.Client.exceptions.ServiceFailureException