Stack / Attribute / drift_information


  • (dict) –

    Information about whether a stack’s actual configuration differs, or has drifted, from its expected configuration, as defined in the stack template and any values specified as template parameters. For more information, see Detecting Unregulated Configuration Changes to Stacks and Resources.

    • StackDriftStatus (string) –

      Status of the stack’s actual configuration compared to its expected template configuration.

      • DRIFTED: The stack differs from its expected template configuration. A stack is considered to have drifted if one or more of its resources have drifted.

      • NOT_CHECKED: CloudFormation hasn’t checked if the stack differs from its expected template configuration.

      • IN_SYNC: The stack’s actual configuration matches its expected template configuration.

      • UNKNOWN: This value is reserved for future use.

    • LastCheckTimestamp (datetime) –

      Most recent time when a drift detection operation was initiated on the stack, or any of its individual resources that support drift detection.