CloudFront / Client / list_distributions_by_key_group



Gets a list of distribution IDs for distributions that have a cache behavior that references the specified key group.

You can optionally specify the maximum number of items to receive in the response. If the total number of items in the list exceeds the maximum that you specify, or the default maximum, the response is paginated. To get the next page of items, send a subsequent request that specifies the NextMarker value from the current response as the Marker value in the subsequent request.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.list_distributions_by_key_group(
  • Marker (string) – Use this field when paginating results to indicate where to begin in your list of distribution IDs. The response includes distribution IDs in the list that occur after the marker. To get the next page of the list, set this field’s value to the value of NextMarker from the current page’s response.

  • MaxItems (string) – The maximum number of distribution IDs that you want in the response.

  • KeyGroupId (string) –


    The ID of the key group whose associated distribution IDs you are listing.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'DistributionIdList': {
        'Marker': 'string',
        'NextMarker': 'string',
        'MaxItems': 123,
        'IsTruncated': True|False,
        'Quantity': 123,
        'Items': [

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • DistributionIdList (dict) –

      A list of distribution IDs.

      • Marker (string) –

        The value provided in the Marker request field.

      • NextMarker (string) –

        Contains the value that you should use in the Marker field of a subsequent request to continue listing distribution IDs where you left off.

      • MaxItems (integer) –

        The maximum number of distribution IDs requested.

      • IsTruncated (boolean) –

        A flag that indicates whether more distribution IDs remain to be listed. If your results were truncated, you can make a subsequent request using the Marker request field to retrieve more distribution IDs in the list.

      • Quantity (integer) –

        The total number of distribution IDs returned in the response.

      • Items (list) –

        Contains the distribution IDs in the list.

        • (string) –


  • CloudFront.Client.exceptions.NoSuchResource

  • CloudFront.Client.exceptions.InvalidArgument