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This is documentation for AWS CloudHSM Classic. For more information, see AWS CloudHSM Classic FAQs, the AWS CloudHSM Classic User Guide, and the AWS CloudHSM Classic API Reference.

For information about the current version of AWS CloudHSM, see AWS CloudHSM, the AWS CloudHSM User Guide, and the AWS CloudHSM API Reference.

Retrieves information about an HSM. You can identify the HSM by its ARN or its serial number.


This operation is deprecated and may not function as expected. This operation should not be used going forward and is only kept for the purpose of backwards compatiblity.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_hsm(
  • HsmArn (string) – The ARN of the HSM. Either the HsmArn or the SerialNumber parameter must be specified.

  • HsmSerialNumber (string) – The serial number of the HSM. Either the HsmArn or the HsmSerialNumber parameter must be specified.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'HsmArn': 'string',
    'StatusDetails': 'string',
    'AvailabilityZone': 'string',
    'EniId': 'string',
    'EniIp': 'string',
    'SubscriptionType': 'PRODUCTION',
    'SubscriptionStartDate': 'string',
    'SubscriptionEndDate': 'string',
    'VpcId': 'string',
    'SubnetId': 'string',
    'IamRoleArn': 'string',
    'SerialNumber': 'string',
    'VendorName': 'string',
    'HsmType': 'string',
    'SoftwareVersion': 'string',
    'SshPublicKey': 'string',
    'SshKeyLastUpdated': 'string',
    'ServerCertUri': 'string',
    'ServerCertLastUpdated': 'string',
    'Partitions': [

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    Contains the output of the DescribeHsm operation.

    • HsmArn (string) –

      The ARN of the HSM.

    • Status (string) –

      The status of the HSM.

    • StatusDetails (string) –

      Contains additional information about the status of the HSM.

    • AvailabilityZone (string) –

      The Availability Zone that the HSM is in.

    • EniId (string) –

      The identifier of the elastic network interface (ENI) attached to the HSM.

    • EniIp (string) –

      The IP address assigned to the HSM’s ENI.

    • SubscriptionType (string) –

      Specifies the type of subscription for the HSM.

      • PRODUCTION - The HSM is being used in a production environment.

      • TRIAL - The HSM is being used in a product trial.

    • SubscriptionStartDate (string) –

      The subscription start date.

    • SubscriptionEndDate (string) –

      The subscription end date.

    • VpcId (string) –

      The identifier of the VPC that the HSM is in.

    • SubnetId (string) –

      The identifier of the subnet that the HSM is in.

    • IamRoleArn (string) –

      The ARN of the IAM role assigned to the HSM.

    • SerialNumber (string) –

      The serial number of the HSM.

    • VendorName (string) –

      The name of the HSM vendor.

    • HsmType (string) –

      The HSM model type.

    • SoftwareVersion (string) –

      The HSM software version.

    • SshPublicKey (string) –

      The public SSH key.

    • SshKeyLastUpdated (string) –

      The date and time that the SSH key was last updated.

    • ServerCertUri (string) –

      The URI of the certificate server.

    • ServerCertLastUpdated (string) –

      The date and time that the server certificate was last updated.

    • Partitions (list) –

      The list of partitions on the HSM.

      • (string) –


  • CloudHSM.Client.exceptions.CloudHsmServiceException

  • CloudHSM.Client.exceptions.CloudHsmInternalException

  • CloudHSM.Client.exceptions.InvalidRequestException