CloudWatch / Client / list_metric_streams



Returns a list of metric streams in this account.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.list_metric_streams(
  • NextToken (string) – Include this value, if it was returned by the previous call, to get the next set of metric streams.

  • MaxResults (integer) – The maximum number of results to return in one operation.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'NextToken': 'string',
    'Entries': [
            'Arn': 'string',
            'CreationDate': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
            'LastUpdateDate': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
            'Name': 'string',
            'FirehoseArn': 'string',
            'State': 'string',
            'OutputFormat': 'json'|'opentelemetry0.7'|'opentelemetry1.0'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • NextToken (string) –

      The token that marks the start of the next batch of returned results. You can use this token in a subsequent operation to get the next batch of results.

    • Entries (list) –

      The array of metric stream information.

      • (dict) –

        This structure contains the configuration information about one metric stream.

        • Arn (string) –

          The ARN of the metric stream.

        • CreationDate (datetime) –

          The date that the metric stream was originally created.

        • LastUpdateDate (datetime) –

          The date that the configuration of this metric stream was most recently updated.

        • Name (string) –

          The name of the metric stream.

        • FirehoseArn (string) –

          The ARN of the Kinesis Firehose devlivery stream that is used for this metric stream.

        • State (string) –

          The current state of this stream. Valid values are running and stopped.

        • OutputFormat (string) –

          The output format of this metric stream. Valid values are json, opentelemetry1.0, and opentelemetry0.7.


  • CloudWatch.Client.exceptions.InvalidNextToken

  • CloudWatch.Client.exceptions.InternalServiceFault

  • CloudWatch.Client.exceptions.InvalidParameterValueException

  • CloudWatch.Client.exceptions.MissingRequiredParameterException