CodeCommit / Client / merge_branches_by_three_way



Merges two specified branches using the three-way merge strategy.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.merge_branches_by_three_way(
        'replaceContents': [
                'filePath': 'string',
                'replacementType': 'KEEP_BASE'|'KEEP_SOURCE'|'KEEP_DESTINATION'|'USE_NEW_CONTENT',
                'content': b'bytes',
                'fileMode': 'EXECUTABLE'|'NORMAL'|'SYMLINK'
        'deleteFiles': [
                'filePath': 'string'
        'setFileModes': [
                'filePath': 'string',
                'fileMode': 'EXECUTABLE'|'NORMAL'|'SYMLINK'
  • repositoryName (string) –


    The name of the repository where you want to merge two branches.

  • sourceCommitSpecifier (string) –


    The branch, tag, HEAD, or other fully qualified reference used to identify a commit (for example, a branch name or a full commit ID).

  • destinationCommitSpecifier (string) –


    The branch, tag, HEAD, or other fully qualified reference used to identify a commit (for example, a branch name or a full commit ID).

  • targetBranch (string) – The branch where the merge is applied.

  • conflictDetailLevel (string) – The level of conflict detail to use. If unspecified, the default FILE_LEVEL is used, which returns a not-mergeable result if the same file has differences in both branches. If LINE_LEVEL is specified, a conflict is considered not mergeable if the same file in both branches has differences on the same line.

  • conflictResolutionStrategy (string) – Specifies which branch to use when resolving conflicts, or whether to attempt automatically merging two versions of a file. The default is NONE, which requires any conflicts to be resolved manually before the merge operation is successful.

  • authorName (string) – The name of the author who created the commit. This information is used as both the author and committer for the commit.

  • email (string) – The email address of the person merging the branches. This information is used in the commit information for the merge.

  • commitMessage (string) – The commit message to include in the commit information for the merge.

  • keepEmptyFolders (boolean) – If the commit contains deletions, whether to keep a folder or folder structure if the changes leave the folders empty. If true, a .gitkeep file is created for empty folders. The default is false.

  • conflictResolution (dict) –

    If AUTOMERGE is the conflict resolution strategy, a list of inputs to use when resolving conflicts during a merge.

    • replaceContents (list) –

      Files to have content replaced as part of the merge conflict resolution.

      • (dict) –

        Information about a replacement content entry in the conflict of a merge or pull request operation.

        • filePath (string) – [REQUIRED]

          The path of the conflicting file.

        • replacementType (string) – [REQUIRED]

          The replacement type to use when determining how to resolve the conflict.

        • content (bytes) –

          The base-64 encoded content to use when the replacement type is USE_NEW_CONTENT.

        • fileMode (string) –

          The file mode to apply during conflict resoltion.

    • deleteFiles (list) –

      Files to be deleted as part of the merge conflict resolution.

      • (dict) –

        A file that is deleted as part of a commit.

        • filePath (string) – [REQUIRED]

          The full path of the file to be deleted, including the name of the file.

    • setFileModes (list) –

      File modes that are set as part of the merge conflict resolution.

      • (dict) –

        Information about the file mode changes.

        • filePath (string) – [REQUIRED]

          The full path to the file, including the name of the file.

        • fileMode (string) – [REQUIRED]

          The file mode for the file.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'commitId': 'string',
    'treeId': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • commitId (string) –

      The commit ID of the merge in the destination or target branch.

    • treeId (string) –

      The tree ID of the merge in the destination or target branch.


  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.RepositoryNameRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidRepositoryNameException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.RepositoryDoesNotExistException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.TipsDivergenceExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.CommitRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidCommitException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.CommitDoesNotExistException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidTargetBranchException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidBranchNameException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.BranchNameRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.BranchNameIsTagNameException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.BranchDoesNotExistException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.ManualMergeRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.ConcurrentReferenceUpdateException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidConflictDetailLevelException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidConflictResolutionStrategyException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidConflictResolutionException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.MaximumConflictResolutionEntriesExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.MultipleConflictResolutionEntriesException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.ReplacementTypeRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidReplacementTypeException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.ReplacementContentRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidReplacementContentException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.PathRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidPathException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.FileContentSizeLimitExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.FolderContentSizeLimitExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.MaximumFileContentToLoadExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.MaximumItemsToCompareExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.FileModeRequiredException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidFileModeException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.NameLengthExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.InvalidEmailException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.CommitMessageLengthExceededException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.EncryptionIntegrityChecksFailedException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.EncryptionKeyAccessDeniedException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.EncryptionKeyDisabledException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.EncryptionKeyNotFoundException

  • CodeCommit.Client.exceptions.EncryptionKeyUnavailableException