DataSync / Client / describe_location_smb



Provides details about how an DataSync transfer location for a Server Message Block (SMB) file server is configured.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_location_smb(

LocationArn (string) –


Specifies the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the SMB location that you want information about.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'LocationArn': 'string',
    'LocationUri': 'string',
    'AgentArns': [
    'User': 'string',
    'Domain': 'string',
    'MountOptions': {
        'Version': 'AUTOMATIC'|'SMB2'|'SMB3'|'SMB1'|'SMB2_0'
    'CreationTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1)

Response Structure

  • (dict) –


    • LocationArn (string) –

      The ARN of the SMB location.

    • LocationUri (string) –

      The URI of the SMB location.

    • AgentArns (list) –

      The ARNs of the DataSync agents that can connect with your SMB file server.

      • (string) –

    • User (string) –

      The user that can mount and access the files, folders, and file metadata in your SMB file server.

    • Domain (string) –

      The name of the Microsoft Active Directory domain that the SMB file server belongs to.

    • MountOptions (dict) –

      The protocol that DataSync use to access your SMB file.

      • Version (string) –

        By default, DataSync automatically chooses an SMB protocol version based on negotiation with your SMB file server. You also can configure DataSync to use a specific SMB version, but we recommend doing this only if DataSync has trouble negotiating with the SMB file server automatically.

        These are the following options for configuring the SMB version:

        • AUTOMATIC (default): DataSync and the SMB file server negotiate the highest version of SMB that they mutually support between 2.1 and 3.1.1. This is the recommended option. If you instead choose a specific version that your file server doesn’t support, you may get an Operation Not Supported error.

        • SMB3: Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 3.0.2.

        • SMB2: Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 2.1.

        • SMB2_0: Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 2.0.

        • SMB1: Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 1.0.


        The SMB1 option isn’t available when creating an Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP location.

    • CreationTime (datetime) –

      The time that the SMB location was created.


  • DataSync.Client.exceptions.InvalidRequestException

  • DataSync.Client.exceptions.InternalException