DocDB / Client / delete_db_cluster_snapshot



Deletes a cluster snapshot. If the snapshot is being copied, the copy operation is terminated.


The cluster snapshot must be in the available state to be deleted.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.delete_db_cluster_snapshot(

DBClusterSnapshotIdentifier (string) –


The identifier of the cluster snapshot to delete.

Constraints: Must be the name of an existing cluster snapshot in the available state.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'DBClusterSnapshot': {
        'AvailabilityZones': [
        'DBClusterSnapshotIdentifier': 'string',
        'DBClusterIdentifier': 'string',
        'SnapshotCreateTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'Engine': 'string',
        'Status': 'string',
        'Port': 123,
        'VpcId': 'string',
        'ClusterCreateTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'MasterUsername': 'string',
        'EngineVersion': 'string',
        'SnapshotType': 'string',
        'PercentProgress': 123,
        'StorageEncrypted': True|False,
        'KmsKeyId': 'string',
        'DBClusterSnapshotArn': 'string',
        'SourceDBClusterSnapshotArn': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • DBClusterSnapshot (dict) –

      Detailed information about a cluster snapshot.

      • AvailabilityZones (list) –

        Provides the list of Amazon EC2 Availability Zones that instances in the cluster snapshot can be restored in.

        • (string) –

      • DBClusterSnapshotIdentifier (string) –

        Specifies the identifier for the cluster snapshot.

      • DBClusterIdentifier (string) –

        Specifies the cluster identifier of the cluster that this cluster snapshot was created from.

      • SnapshotCreateTime (datetime) –

        Provides the time when the snapshot was taken, in UTC.

      • Engine (string) –

        Specifies the name of the database engine.

      • Status (string) –

        Specifies the status of this cluster snapshot.

      • Port (integer) –

        Specifies the port that the cluster was listening on at the time of the snapshot.

      • VpcId (string) –

        Provides the virtual private cloud (VPC) ID that is associated with the cluster snapshot.

      • ClusterCreateTime (datetime) –

        Specifies the time when the cluster was created, in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

      • MasterUsername (string) –

        Provides the master user name for the cluster snapshot.

      • EngineVersion (string) –

        Provides the version of the database engine for this cluster snapshot.

      • SnapshotType (string) –

        Provides the type of the cluster snapshot.

      • PercentProgress (integer) –

        Specifies the percentage of the estimated data that has been transferred.

      • StorageEncrypted (boolean) –

        Specifies whether the cluster snapshot is encrypted.

      • KmsKeyId (string) –

        If StorageEncrypted is true, the KMS key identifier for the encrypted cluster snapshot.

      • DBClusterSnapshotArn (string) –

        The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the cluster snapshot.

      • SourceDBClusterSnapshotArn (string) –

        If the cluster snapshot was copied from a source cluster snapshot, the ARN for the source cluster snapshot; otherwise, a null value.


  • DocDB.Client.exceptions.InvalidDBClusterSnapshotStateFault

  • DocDB.Client.exceptions.DBClusterSnapshotNotFoundFault