NetworkInterface / Attribute / connection_tracking_configuration


  • (dict) –

    A security group connection tracking configuration that enables you to set the timeout for connection tracking on an Elastic network interface. For more information, see Connection tracking timeouts in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud User Guide.

    • TcpEstablishedTimeout (integer) –

      Timeout (in seconds) for idle TCP connections in an established state. Min: 60 seconds. Max: 432000 seconds (5 days). Default: 432000 seconds. Recommended: Less than 432000 seconds.

    • UdpStreamTimeout (integer) –

      Timeout (in seconds) for idle UDP flows classified as streams which have seen more than one request-response transaction. Min: 60 seconds. Max: 180 seconds (3 minutes). Default: 180 seconds.

    • UdpTimeout (integer) –

      Timeout (in seconds) for idle UDP flows that have seen traffic only in a single direction or a single request-response transaction. Min: 30 seconds. Max: 60 seconds. Default: 30 seconds.