ElasticsearchService / Client / describe_domain_change_progress



Returns information about the current blue/green deployment happening on a domain, including a change ID, status, and progress stages.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_domain_change_progress(
  • DomainName (string) –


    The domain you want to get the progress information about.

  • ChangeId (string) – The specific change ID for which you want to get progress information. This is an optional parameter. If omitted, the service returns information about the most recent configuration change.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'ChangeProgressStatus': {
        'ChangeId': 'string',
        'StartTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'PendingProperties': [
        'CompletedProperties': [
        'TotalNumberOfStages': 123,
        'ChangeProgressStages': [
                'Name': 'string',
                'Status': 'string',
                'Description': 'string',
                'LastUpdated': datetime(2015, 1, 1)
        'ConfigChangeStatus': 'Pending'|'Initializing'|'Validating'|'ValidationFailed'|'ApplyingChanges'|'Completed'|'PendingUserInput'|'Cancelled',
        'LastUpdatedTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'InitiatedBy': 'CUSTOMER'|'SERVICE'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    The result of a DescribeDomainChangeProgress request. Contains the progress information of the requested domain change.

    • ChangeProgressStatus (dict) –

      Progress information for the configuration change that is requested in the DescribeDomainChangeProgress request.

      • ChangeId (string) –

        The unique change identifier associated with a specific domain configuration change.

      • StartTime (datetime) –

        The time at which the configuration change is made on the domain.

      • Status (string) –

        The overall status of the domain configuration change. This field can take the following values: PENDING, PROCESSING, COMPLETED and FAILED

      • PendingProperties (list) –

        The list of properties involved in the domain configuration change that are still in pending.

        • (string) –

      • CompletedProperties (list) –

        The list of properties involved in the domain configuration change that are completed.

        • (string) –

      • TotalNumberOfStages (integer) –

        The total number of stages required for the configuration change.

      • ChangeProgressStages (list) –

        The specific stages that the domain is going through to perform the configuration change.

        • (dict) –

          A progress stage details of a specific domain configuration change.

          • Name (string) –

            The name of the specific progress stage.

          • Status (string) –

            The overall status of a specific progress stage.

          • Description (string) –

            The description of the progress stage.

          • LastUpdated (datetime) –

            The last updated timestamp of the progress stage.

      • ConfigChangeStatus (string) –

        The current status of the configuration change.

      • LastUpdatedTime (datetime) –

        The last time that the status of the configuration change was updated.

      • InitiatedBy (string) –

        The IAM principal who initiated the configuration change.


  • ElasticsearchService.Client.exceptions.BaseException

  • ElasticsearchService.Client.exceptions.InternalException

  • ElasticsearchService.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException

  • ElasticsearchService.Client.exceptions.ValidationException