LookoutEquipment / Client / start_data_ingestion_job



Starts a data ingestion job. Amazon Lookout for Equipment returns the job status.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.start_data_ingestion_job(
        'S3InputConfiguration': {
            'Bucket': 'string',
            'Prefix': 'string',
            'KeyPattern': 'string'
  • DatasetName (string) –


    The name of the dataset being used by the data ingestion job.

  • IngestionInputConfiguration (dict) –


    Specifies information for the input data for the data ingestion job, including dataset S3 location.

    • S3InputConfiguration (dict) – [REQUIRED]

      The location information for the S3 bucket used for input data for the data ingestion.

      • Bucket (string) – [REQUIRED]

        The name of the S3 bucket used for the input data for the data ingestion.

      • Prefix (string) –

        The prefix for the S3 location being used for the input data for the data ingestion.

      • KeyPattern (string) –

        The pattern for matching the Amazon S3 files that will be used for ingestion. If the schema was created previously without any KeyPattern, then the default KeyPattern {prefix}/{component_name}/* is used to download files from Amazon S3 according to the schema. This field is required when ingestion is being done for the first time.

        Valid Values: {prefix}/{component_name}_* | {prefix}/{component_name}/* | {prefix}/{component_name}[DELIMITER]* (Allowed delimiters : space, dot, underscore, hyphen)

  • RoleArn (string) –


    The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of a role with permission to access the data source for the data ingestion job.

  • ClientToken (string) –


    A unique identifier for the request. If you do not set the client request token, Amazon Lookout for Equipment generates one.

    This field is autopopulated if not provided.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'JobId': 'string',

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • JobId (string) –

      Indicates the job ID of the data ingestion job.

    • Status (string) –

      Indicates the status of the StartDataIngestionJob operation.


  • LookoutEquipment.Client.exceptions.ValidationException

  • LookoutEquipment.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException

  • LookoutEquipment.Client.exceptions.ConflictException

  • LookoutEquipment.Client.exceptions.ThrottlingException

  • LookoutEquipment.Client.exceptions.ServiceQuotaExceededException

  • LookoutEquipment.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException

  • LookoutEquipment.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException