LookoutMetrics / Client / create_alert



Creates an alert for an anomaly detector.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.create_alert(
        'SNSConfiguration': {
            'RoleArn': 'string',
            'SnsTopicArn': 'string',
            'SnsFormat': 'LONG_TEXT'|'SHORT_TEXT'|'JSON'
        'LambdaConfiguration': {
            'RoleArn': 'string',
            'LambdaArn': 'string'
        'string': 'string'
        'MetricList': [
        'DimensionFilterList': [
                'DimensionName': 'string',
                'DimensionValueList': [
  • AlertName (string) –


    The name of the alert.

  • AlertSensitivityThreshold (integer) – An integer from 0 to 100 specifying the alert sensitivity threshold.

  • AlertDescription (string) – A description of the alert.

  • AnomalyDetectorArn (string) –


    The ARN of the detector to which the alert is attached.

  • Action (dict) –


    Action that will be triggered when there is an alert.

    • SNSConfiguration (dict) –

      A configuration for an Amazon SNS channel.

      • RoleArn (string) – [REQUIRED]

        The ARN of the IAM role that has access to the target SNS topic.

      • SnsTopicArn (string) – [REQUIRED]

        The ARN of the target SNS topic.

      • SnsFormat (string) –

        The format of the SNS topic.

        • JSON – Send JSON alerts with an anomaly ID and a link to the anomaly detail page. This is the default.

        • LONG_TEXT – Send human-readable alerts with information about the impacted timeseries and a link to the anomaly detail page. We recommend this for email.

        • SHORT_TEXT – Send human-readable alerts with a link to the anomaly detail page. We recommend this for SMS.

    • LambdaConfiguration (dict) –

      A configuration for an AWS Lambda channel.

      • RoleArn (string) – [REQUIRED]

        The ARN of an IAM role that has permission to invoke the Lambda function.

      • LambdaArn (string) – [REQUIRED]

        The ARN of the Lambda function.

  • Tags (dict) –

    A list of tags to apply to the alert.

    • (string) –

      • (string) –

  • AlertFilters (dict) –

    The configuration of the alert filters, containing MetricList and DimensionFilterList.

    • MetricList (list) –

      The list of measures that you want to get alerts for.

      • (string) –

    • DimensionFilterList (list) –

      The list of DimensionFilter objects that are used for dimension-based filtering.

      • (dict) –

        The dimension filter, containing DimensionName and DimensionValueList.

        • DimensionName (string) –

          The name of the dimension to filter on.

        • DimensionValueList (list) –

          The list of values for the dimension specified in DimensionName that you want to filter on.

          • (string) –

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'AlertArn': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • AlertArn (string) –

      The ARN of the alert.


  • LookoutMetrics.Client.exceptions.ConflictException

  • LookoutMetrics.Client.exceptions.ValidationException

  • LookoutMetrics.Client.exceptions.ServiceQuotaExceededException

  • LookoutMetrics.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException

  • LookoutMetrics.Client.exceptions.TooManyRequestsException

  • LookoutMetrics.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException

  • LookoutMetrics.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException