MediaLive / Client / start_input_device_maintenance_window



Start a maintenance window for the specified input device. Starting a maintenance window will give the device up to two hours to install software. If the device was streaming prior to the maintenance, it will resume streaming when the software is fully installed. Devices automatically install updates while they are powered on and their MediaLive channels are stopped. A maintenance window allows you to update a device without having to stop MediaLive channels that use the device. The device must remain powered on and connected to the internet for the duration of the maintenance.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.start_input_device_maintenance_window(

InputDeviceId (string) – [REQUIRED] The unique ID of the input device to start a maintenance window for. For example, hd-123456789abcdef.

Return type:



Response Syntax


Response Structure

  • (dict) – Your start maintenance window request has succeeded.


  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.BadRequestException

  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.UnprocessableEntityException

  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.InternalServerErrorException

  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.ForbiddenException

  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.BadGatewayException

  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.NotFoundException

  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.GatewayTimeoutException

  • MediaLive.Client.exceptions.TooManyRequestsException