mgn / Client / get_launch_configuration



Lists all LaunchConfigurations available, filtered by Source Server IDs.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.get_launch_configuration(
  • accountID (string) – Request to get Launch Configuration information by Account ID.

  • sourceServerID (string) –


    Request to get Launch Configuration information by Source Server ID.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'bootMode': 'LEGACY_BIOS'|'UEFI'|'USE_SOURCE',
    'copyPrivateIp': True|False,
    'copyTags': True|False,
    'ec2LaunchTemplateID': 'string',
    'enableMapAutoTagging': True|False,
    'launchDisposition': 'STOPPED'|'STARTED',
    'licensing': {
        'osByol': True|False
    'mapAutoTaggingMpeID': 'string',
    'name': 'string',
    'postLaunchActions': {
        'cloudWatchLogGroupName': 'string',
        'deployment': 'TEST_AND_CUTOVER'|'CUTOVER_ONLY'|'TEST_ONLY',
        's3LogBucket': 'string',
        's3OutputKeyPrefix': 'string',
        'ssmDocuments': [
                'actionName': 'string',
                'externalParameters': {
                    'string': {
                        'dynamicPath': 'string'
                'mustSucceedForCutover': True|False,
                'parameters': {
                    'string': [
                            'parameterName': 'string',
                            'parameterType': 'STRING'
                'ssmDocumentName': 'string',
                'timeoutSeconds': 123
    'sourceServerID': 'string',
    'targetInstanceTypeRightSizingMethod': 'NONE'|'BASIC'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • bootMode (string) –

      Launch configuration boot mode.

    • copyPrivateIp (boolean) –

      Copy Private IP during Launch Configuration.

    • copyTags (boolean) –

      Copy Tags during Launch Configuration.

    • ec2LaunchTemplateID (string) –

      Launch configuration EC2 Launch template ID.

    • enableMapAutoTagging (boolean) –

      Enable map auto tagging.

    • launchDisposition (string) –

      Launch disposition for launch configuration.

    • licensing (dict) –

      Launch configuration OS licensing.

      • osByol (boolean) –

        Configure BYOL OS licensing.

    • mapAutoTaggingMpeID (string) –

      Map auto tagging MPE ID.

    • name (string) –

      Launch configuration name.

    • postLaunchActions (dict) –

      Post Launch Actions to executed on the Test or Cutover instance.

      • cloudWatchLogGroupName (string) –

        AWS Systems Manager Command’s CloudWatch log group name.

      • deployment (string) –

        Deployment type in which AWS Systems Manager Documents will be executed.

      • s3LogBucket (string) –

        AWS Systems Manager Command’s logs S3 log bucket.

      • s3OutputKeyPrefix (string) –

        AWS Systems Manager Command’s logs S3 output key prefix.

      • ssmDocuments (list) –

        AWS Systems Manager Documents.

        • (dict) –

          AWS Systems Manager Document.

          • actionName (string) –

            User-friendly name for the AWS Systems Manager Document.

          • externalParameters (dict) –

            AWS Systems Manager Document external parameters.

            • (string) –

              • (dict) –

                AWS Systems Manager Document external parameter.


                This is a Tagged Union structure. Only one of the following top level keys will be set: dynamicPath. If a client receives an unknown member it will set SDK_UNKNOWN_MEMBER as the top level key, which maps to the name or tag of the unknown member. The structure of SDK_UNKNOWN_MEMBER is as follows:

                'SDK_UNKNOWN_MEMBER': {'name': 'UnknownMemberName'}
                • dynamicPath (string) –

                  AWS Systems Manager Document external parameters dynamic path.

          • mustSucceedForCutover (boolean) –

            If true, Cutover will not be enabled if the document has failed.

          • parameters (dict) –

            AWS Systems Manager Document parameters.

            • (string) –

              • (list) –

                • (dict) –

                  AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store parameter.

                  • parameterName (string) –

                    AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store parameter name.

                  • parameterType (string) –

                    AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store parameter type.

          • ssmDocumentName (string) –

            AWS Systems Manager Document name or full ARN.

          • timeoutSeconds (integer) –

            AWS Systems Manager Document timeout seconds.

    • sourceServerID (string) –

      Launch configuration Source Server ID.

    • targetInstanceTypeRightSizingMethod (string) –

      Launch configuration Target instance type right sizing method.


  • mgn.Client.exceptions.UninitializedAccountException

  • mgn.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException