OpsWorks / Client / describe_raid_arrays



Describe an instance’s RAID arrays.


This call accepts only one resource-identifying parameter.

Required Permissions: To use this action, an IAM user must have a Show, Deploy, or Manage permissions level for the stack, or an attached policy that explicitly grants permissions. For more information about user permissions, see Managing User Permissions.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_raid_arrays(
  • InstanceId (string) – The instance ID. If you use this parameter, DescribeRaidArrays returns descriptions of the RAID arrays associated with the specified instance.

  • StackId (string) – The stack ID.

  • RaidArrayIds (list) –

    An array of RAID array IDs. If you use this parameter, DescribeRaidArrays returns descriptions of the specified arrays. Otherwise, it returns a description of every array.

    • (string) –

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'RaidArrays': [
            'RaidArrayId': 'string',
            'InstanceId': 'string',
            'Name': 'string',
            'RaidLevel': 123,
            'NumberOfDisks': 123,
            'Size': 123,
            'Device': 'string',
            'MountPoint': 'string',
            'AvailabilityZone': 'string',
            'CreatedAt': 'string',
            'StackId': 'string',
            'VolumeType': 'string',
            'Iops': 123

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    Contains the response to a DescribeRaidArrays request.

    • RaidArrays (list) –

      A RaidArrays object that describes the specified RAID arrays.

      • (dict) –

        Describes an instance’s RAID array.

        • RaidArrayId (string) –

          The array ID.

        • InstanceId (string) –

          The instance ID.

        • Name (string) –

          The array name.

        • RaidLevel (integer) –

          The RAID level.

        • NumberOfDisks (integer) –

          The number of disks in the array.

        • Size (integer) –

          The array’s size.

        • Device (string) –

          The array’s Linux device. For example /dev/mdadm0.

        • MountPoint (string) –

          The array’s mount point.

        • AvailabilityZone (string) –

          The array’s Availability Zone. For more information, see Regions and Endpoints.

        • CreatedAt (string) –

          When the RAID array was created.

        • StackId (string) –

          The stack ID.

        • VolumeType (string) –

          The volume type, standard or PIOPS.

        • Iops (integer) –

          For PIOPS volumes, the IOPS per disk.


  • OpsWorks.Client.exceptions.ValidationException

  • OpsWorks.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException