Personalize / Client / describe_metric_attribution



Describes a metric attribution.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.describe_metric_attribution(

metricAttributionArn (string) –


The metric attribution’s Amazon Resource Name (ARN).

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'metricAttribution': {
        'name': 'string',
        'metricAttributionArn': 'string',
        'datasetGroupArn': 'string',
        'metricsOutputConfig': {
            's3DataDestination': {
                'path': 'string',
                'kmsKeyArn': 'string'
            'roleArn': 'string'
        'status': 'string',
        'creationDateTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'lastUpdatedDateTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
        'failureReason': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • metricAttribution (dict) –

      The details of the metric attribution.

      • name (string) –

        The metric attribution’s name.

      • metricAttributionArn (string) –

        The metric attribution’s Amazon Resource Name (ARN).

      • datasetGroupArn (string) –

        The metric attribution’s dataset group Amazon Resource Name (ARN).

      • metricsOutputConfig (dict) –

        The metric attribution’s output configuration.

        • s3DataDestination (dict) –

          The configuration details of an Amazon S3 input or output bucket.

          • path (string) –

            The file path of the Amazon S3 bucket.

          • kmsKeyArn (string) –

            The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Key Management Service (KMS) key that Amazon Personalize uses to encrypt or decrypt the input and output files.

        • roleArn (string) –

          The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM service role that has permissions to add data to your output Amazon S3 bucket and add metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. For more information, see Measuring impact of recommendations.

      • status (string) –

        The metric attribution’s status.

      • creationDateTime (datetime) –

        The metric attribution’s creation date time.

      • lastUpdatedDateTime (datetime) –

        The metric attribution’s last updated date time.

      • failureReason (string) –

        The metric attribution’s failure reason.


  • Personalize.Client.exceptions.InvalidInputException

  • Personalize.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException