SecurityHub / Client / enable_security_hub



Enables Security Hub for your account in the current Region or the Region you specify in the request.

When you enable Security Hub, you grant to Security Hub the permissions necessary to gather findings from other services that are integrated with Security Hub.

When you use the EnableSecurityHub operation to enable Security Hub, you also automatically enable the following standards:

  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0

  • Amazon Web Services Foundational Security Best Practices

Other standards are not automatically enabled.

To opt out of automatically enabled standards, set EnableDefaultStandards to false.

After you enable Security Hub, to enable a standard, use the BatchEnableStandards operation. To disable a standard, use the BatchDisableStandards operation.

To learn more, see the setup information in the Security Hub User Guide.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.enable_security_hub(
        'string': 'string'
  • Tags (dict) –

    The tags to add to the hub resource when you enable Security Hub.

    • (string) –

      • (string) –

  • EnableDefaultStandards (boolean) – Whether to enable the security standards that Security Hub has designated as automatically enabled. If you do not provide a value for EnableDefaultStandards, it is set to true. To not enable the automatically enabled standards, set EnableDefaultStandards to false.

  • ControlFindingGenerator (string) –

    This field, used when enabling Security Hub, specifies whether the calling account has consolidated control findings turned on. If the value for this field is set to SECURITY_CONTROL, Security Hub generates a single finding for a control check even when the check applies to multiple enabled standards.

    If the value for this field is set to STANDARD_CONTROL, Security Hub generates separate findings for a control check when the check applies to multiple enabled standards.

    The value for this field in a member account matches the value in the administrator account. For accounts that aren’t part of an organization, the default value of this field is SECURITY_CONTROL if you enabled Security Hub on or after February 23, 2023.

Return type:



Response Syntax


Response Structure

  • (dict) –


  • SecurityHub.Client.exceptions.InternalException

  • SecurityHub.Client.exceptions.LimitExceededException

  • SecurityHub.Client.exceptions.InvalidAccessException

  • SecurityHub.Client.exceptions.ResourceConflictException

  • SecurityHub.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException