ServiceCatalog / Client / list_accepted_portfolio_shares



Lists all imported portfolios for which account-to-account shares were accepted by this account. By specifying the PortfolioShareType, you can list portfolios for which organizational shares were accepted by this account.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.list_accepted_portfolio_shares(
  • AcceptLanguage (string) –

    The language code.

    • jp - Japanese

    • zh - Chinese

  • PageToken (string) – The page token for the next set of results. To retrieve the first set of results, use null.

  • PageSize (integer) – The maximum number of items to return with this call.

  • PortfolioShareType (string) –

    The type of shared portfolios to list. The default is to list imported portfolios.

    • AWS_ORGANIZATIONS - List portfolios accepted and shared via organizational sharing by the management account or delegated administrator of your organization.

    • AWS_SERVICECATALOG - Deprecated type.

    • IMPORTED - List imported portfolios that have been accepted and shared through account-to-account sharing.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'PortfolioDetails': [
            'Id': 'string',
            'ARN': 'string',
            'DisplayName': 'string',
            'Description': 'string',
            'CreatedTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
            'ProviderName': 'string'
    'NextPageToken': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • PortfolioDetails (list) –

      Information about the portfolios.

      • (dict) –

        Information about a portfolio.

        • Id (string) –

          The portfolio identifier.

        • ARN (string) –

          The ARN assigned to the portfolio.

        • DisplayName (string) –

          The name to use for display purposes.

        • Description (string) –

          The description of the portfolio.

        • CreatedTime (datetime) –

          The UTC time stamp of the creation time.

        • ProviderName (string) –

          The name of the portfolio provider.

    • NextPageToken (string) –

      The page token to use to retrieve the next set of results. If there are no additional results, this value is null.


  • ServiceCatalog.Client.exceptions.InvalidParametersException

  • ServiceCatalog.Client.exceptions.OperationNotSupportedException