ServiceCatalog / Client / list_record_history



Lists the specified requests or all performed requests.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.list_record_history(
        'Key': 'Account'|'Role'|'User',
        'Value': 'string'
        'Key': 'string',
        'Value': 'string'
  • AcceptLanguage (string) –

    The language code.

    • jp - Japanese

    • zh - Chinese

  • AccessLevelFilter (dict) –

    The access level to use to obtain results. The default is User.

    • Key (string) –

      The access level.

      • Account - Filter results based on the account.

      • Role - Filter results based on the federated role of the specified user.

      • User - Filter results based on the specified user.

    • Value (string) –

      The user to which the access level applies. The only supported value is self.

  • SearchFilter (dict) –

    The search filter to scope the results.

    • Key (string) –

      The filter key.

      • product - Filter results based on the specified product identifier.

      • provisionedproduct - Filter results based on the provisioned product identifier.

    • Value (string) –

      The filter value.

  • PageSize (integer) – The maximum number of items to return with this call.

  • PageToken (string) – The page token for the next set of results. To retrieve the first set of results, use null.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'RecordDetails': [
            'RecordId': 'string',
            'ProvisionedProductName': 'string',
            'CreatedTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
            'UpdatedTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
            'ProvisionedProductType': 'string',
            'RecordType': 'string',
            'ProvisionedProductId': 'string',
            'ProductId': 'string',
            'ProvisioningArtifactId': 'string',
            'PathId': 'string',
            'RecordErrors': [
                    'Code': 'string',
                    'Description': 'string'
            'RecordTags': [
                    'Key': 'string',
                    'Value': 'string'
            'LaunchRoleArn': 'string'
    'NextPageToken': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • RecordDetails (list) –

      The records, in reverse chronological order.

      • (dict) –

        Information about a request operation.

        • RecordId (string) –

          The identifier of the record.

        • ProvisionedProductName (string) –

          The user-friendly name of the provisioned product.

        • Status (string) –

          The status of the provisioned product.

          • CREATED - The request was created but the operation has not started.

          • IN_PROGRESS - The requested operation is in progress.

          • IN_PROGRESS_IN_ERROR - The provisioned product is under change but the requested operation failed and some remediation is occurring. For example, a rollback.

          • SUCCEEDED - The requested operation has successfully completed.

          • FAILED - The requested operation has unsuccessfully completed. Investigate using the error messages returned.

        • CreatedTime (datetime) –

          The UTC time stamp of the creation time.

        • UpdatedTime (datetime) –

          The time when the record was last updated.

        • ProvisionedProductType (string) –

          The type of provisioned product. The supported values are CFN_STACK, CFN_STACKSET, TERRAFORM_OPEN_SOURCE, TERRAFORM_CLOUD, and EXTERNAL.

        • RecordType (string) –

          The record type.




        • ProvisionedProductId (string) –

          The identifier of the provisioned product.

        • ProductId (string) –

          The product identifier.

        • ProvisioningArtifactId (string) –

          The identifier of the provisioning artifact.

        • PathId (string) –

          The path identifier.

        • RecordErrors (list) –

          The errors that occurred.

          • (dict) –

            The error code and description resulting from an operation.

            • Code (string) –

              The numeric value of the error.

            • Description (string) –

              The description of the error.

        • RecordTags (list) –

          One or more tags.

          • (dict) –

            Information about a tag, which is a key-value pair.

            • Key (string) –

              The key for this tag.

            • Value (string) –

              The value for this tag.

        • LaunchRoleArn (string) –

          The ARN of the launch role associated with the provisioned product.

    • NextPageToken (string) –

      The page token to use to retrieve the next set of results. If there are no additional results, this value is null.


  • ServiceCatalog.Client.exceptions.InvalidParametersException