SSMIncidents / Client / update_incident_record



Update the details of an incident record. You can use this operation to update an incident record from the defined chat channel. For more information about using actions in chat channels, see Interacting through chat.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.update_incident_record(
        'chatbotSns': [
        'empty': {}

            'snsTopicArn': 'string'
  • arn (string) –


    The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the incident record you are updating.

  • chatChannel (dict) –

    The Chatbot chat channel where responders can collaborate.


    This is a Tagged Union structure. Only one of the following top level keys can be set: chatbotSns, empty.

    • chatbotSns (list) –

      The Amazon SNS targets that Chatbot uses to notify the chat channel of updates to an incident. You can also make updates to the incident through the chat channel by using the Amazon SNS topics.

      • (string) –

    • empty (dict) –

      Used to remove the chat channel from an incident record or response plan.

  • clientToken (string) –

    A token that ensures that a client calls the operation only once with the specified details.

    This field is autopopulated if not provided.

  • impact (integer) –

    Defines the impact of the incident to customers and applications. If you provide an impact for an incident, it overwrites the impact provided by the response plan.

    Supported impact codes

    • 1 - Critical

    • 2 - High

    • 3 - Medium

    • 4 - Low

    • 5 - No Impact

  • notificationTargets (list) –

    The Amazon SNS targets that Incident Manager notifies when a client updates an incident.

    Using multiple SNS topics creates redundancy in the event that a Region is down during the incident.

    • (dict) –

      The SNS targets that are notified when updates are made to an incident.


      This is a Tagged Union structure. Only one of the following top level keys can be set: snsTopicArn.

      • snsTopicArn (string) –

        The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the SNS topic.

  • status (string) – The status of the incident. Possible statuses are Open or Resolved.

  • summary (string) – A longer description of what occurred during the incident.

  • title (string) – A brief description of the incident.

Return type:



Response Syntax


Response Structure

  • (dict) –


  • SSMIncidents.Client.exceptions.ThrottlingException

  • SSMIncidents.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException

  • SSMIncidents.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException

  • SSMIncidents.Client.exceptions.ValidationException

  • SSMIncidents.Client.exceptions.ConflictException

  • SSMIncidents.Client.exceptions.InternalServerException