WorkSpaces / Client / update_connection_alias_permission



Shares or unshares a connection alias with one account by specifying whether that account has permission to associate the connection alias with a directory. If the association permission is granted, the connection alias is shared with that account. If the association permission is revoked, the connection alias is unshared with the account. For more information, see Cross-Region Redirection for Amazon WorkSpaces.


  • Before performing this operation, call DescribeConnectionAliases to make sure that the current state of the connection alias is CREATED.

  • To delete a connection alias that has been shared, the shared account must first disassociate the connection alias from any directories it has been associated with. Then you must unshare the connection alias from the account it has been shared with. You can delete a connection alias only after it is no longer shared with any accounts or associated with any directories.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.update_connection_alias_permission(
        'SharedAccountId': 'string',
        'AllowAssociation': True|False
  • AliasId (string) –


    The identifier of the connection alias that you want to update permissions for.

  • ConnectionAliasPermission (dict) –


    Indicates whether to share or unshare the connection alias with the specified Amazon Web Services account.

    • SharedAccountId (string) – [REQUIRED]

      The identifier of the Amazon Web Services account that the connection alias is shared with.

    • AllowAssociation (boolean) – [REQUIRED]

      Indicates whether the specified Amazon Web Services account is allowed to associate the connection alias with a directory.

Return type:



Response Syntax


Response Structure

  • (dict) –


  • WorkSpaces.Client.exceptions.AccessDeniedException

  • WorkSpaces.Client.exceptions.InvalidParameterValuesException

  • WorkSpaces.Client.exceptions.ResourceLimitExceededException

  • WorkSpaces.Client.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException

  • WorkSpaces.Client.exceptions.ResourceAssociatedException

  • WorkSpaces.Client.exceptions.InvalidResourceStateException

  • WorkSpaces.Client.exceptions.OperationNotSupportedException